Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Late-ish Musical Link-Up

I usually forget to do this, and I am several days late, AND I'm too late to actually link up with Goodnight Moon for What's YOUR Song? Week 9, but I'm posting this anyways. Wah wah.
My musical selections for the next 7 weeks will most likely represent my upcoming Bonnaroo extravaganza. Gogol Bordello is this week's pick. I've seen them once, and, oh, what a gypsy punk dance party it was. If there is one thing that defines my musical tastes it is this: if you can have a hoe-down to it, be it country, Irish, gypsy, or folksy, I love it.

Things I love about this video:
The opening quote: "Remember always, that all of us, and you and I especially, are descended from immigrants." -  Franklin Delano Roosevelt - It's so true.
Eugene Hütz's superfly mustache.
The pictures of old-timey immigrant mustaches. 
Eugene Hütz's crazy-eyes and gold tooth.
The tiny little country maps showing where everyone in the video is from - this is a 9 person band that represents 8 countries. Hello globalization. 
The Mexican Guy (minute 2:52 and 3:46) who looks like Saddam (you must admit...that's a brave look to try to pull off)
Sergey Ryabtsev's violin throw down(starting at minute 3:12)

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