Friday, April 8, 2011

The BSC Will Save the Day

Yikes, I have been terrible on the blog front this week. And it's not that I've been busy or anything. In fact, the exact opposite is true. I've done nothing but be a good little hausfrau all week - cleaning the kitchen daily, laundry-ing, being a helpful sous-chef (because I still can't cook). I did have a meeting with my former manager, in which he told me that he wasn't mad about anything, I'm awesome and he wanted me to come back to work, but since my stress level has decreased to next to zero in the weeks since the evil-customer incident, I declined. I'd been telling myself forever to get out of there, and now it is done. Granted, I could have picked a better time to become unemployed...

Aside from house-wifery, I've been spending entirely too much time reading lots of depressing shit about the government shut down. There isn't much I can add that hasn't already been said about the fuckery going on in Congress. For a while I was thinking, "Nah, this won't actually happen," but now that it is closing in on zero hour, it looks like the husband is only getting paid half of his earnings on his next paycheck and that kind of makes me irate. We have *some* money in savings and no kids to feed or anything, so we'll be okay for the time being, but it's the principle of the thing! I can only imagine the feelings of those whose significant others are in fucking combat and won't be getting their appropriate amount of pay. Congress needs to stop acting like moody teenagers and drop the bullshit of tagging on disagreeable provisions onto bills that would allow the military to get paid on time, especially considering that when these asshats go out to campaign they can't stop prattling on about how much they support the troops and just how amazingly patriotic they are. Yeah, nice way to show it. Support the troops, my ass.

On a far more lighthearted note, I have found a wonderful remedy for the all-kinds-of-pissed-off that happens after reading about the debacle above. My good friend Pinot Grigio and I get together and read these amazingly entertaining blogs (and there are so many of them!) snarking on my favorite pre-teen lit, Sweet Valley and The Baby-Sitter's Club. Did you know that there is a new (by all accounts terrible) adult novel called Sweet Valley Confidential that follows the now adult Wakefield twins?! And there is a piece of SVH/BSC crossover fanfic over at What Winston Saw that is the most ridiculous thing ever, but I just couldn't turn away. I can't be the only person who read these as a kid and loves having the inanities of these series pointed out. Lame? Yes. But taking refuge in in terribly written schlock is better than focusing on how the government is trying to give me an anxiety attack.

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