Friday, January 28, 2011

So it begins....

In slightly more than five months, I'm moving. Not a three hour drive away, like when I moved for college or the husband's first duty station, either. After living in Virginia for just short of 28 years, I will soon be living in Washington. The state, not the district. When the husband and I got married, I knew this sort of thing was bound to happen. But since we were fortunate enough for his initial orders to be changed from Florida to Virginia, I suppose I just pushed this into a corner of my brain labeled "Stuff That Will Happen Way Off In The Future," but hey, the future is now! 

Though I repeatedly assure her that it is only on the other side of the country, my mother likens this move to me being on the other side of the world, since I have always been only a couple of hours away. And I must say, since roughly 99% of my friends and family live in the same stretch of the East Coast, this whole moving across the country thing is somewhat terrifying. On the other hand, the natural glory of the Pacific Northwest! The Hollywood of Canada will be mere hours away! The Space-A flights to Hawaii! It does have potential.

So this is my first blog (aside from the random MySpace rant of yore). I've thought about such a thing in the past, but figured I wouldn't keep up with it/didn't have much of interest to say. But this time is different. I need to stay in touch with my East Coast people. And this is supposed to be an adventure, right? So I shall try to be somewhat entertaining.