Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bad Blogger!

 That's me...It's just that at the moment there is literally nothing going on. The husband is in ALS (Airman Leadership School) for the next few weeks, so he's on base longer and then has massive amounts of reading/outlining/speech writing to do when he gets home. I have been occupying myself with errand running, streaming Netflix and reading (lots of reading). I've had A Game of Thrones lying around since Christmas and finally got around to finishing it the day after the show premiered. Then I started the next book in the series, A Clash of Kings, and finished 40% of it in two days, so that's an improvement. I must say, though the story started out a bit slow, these books are pretty bad-ass, and I love that they made a show of it so I can put faces to the characters. They have even made me appreciate the husband's Kindle. I'm old school and actually prefer turning pages and having bookmarks and such, but I'm also too impatient to wait a week to have the actual book shipped to me, so the Kindle has been a life saver. I should probably take a break, as the storyline has invaded my dreams, but I'm an addict at the moment.  

I spent a bit of time researching our future home as well. I'm still at a loss on the finding a place to live front, but I'd rather make that kind of decision once we are there and can see for ourselves if there are crack houses on the other side of the block. I have discovered that their are multiple base libraries that appear to be better stocked than both the base and county libraries here, there is an indie art house theater nearby, and *drumroll* the base has a WOMEN'S ROLLER DERBY LEAGUE. I've also learned that the I-5 is a veritable parking lot (boo) and there is an app for local happy hours (yay!). All in all, it doesn't look so bad. I feel as if I should be more prepared though, since we'll actually be there in 3 months, but this whole PCS-ing thing is new to me so I'm not sure how to go about being more prepared. Maybe I should go clean out a closet or something...

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  1. My fiancé just finished ALS not long ago. It was awful! It was weird when he would complain about it, since ALS is my initials. haha Tell him good luck!