Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How fancy!

It had been a while since I was able to visit my beloved college town, so I made a quick trip this weekend to visit with the bffs (and canine nieces and nephews).
My favorite niece.
Also, after much encouragement, my friend Hillary and I got the bff's boyfriend (pictured below) to finally borrow season one of Battlestar Galactica. The bff has staunchly refused to watch the show, though I have nerdily promoted it, for roughly four years, as she thinks that it is too uncool for her. However, she still wears shirts like this...

There was much wine drinking and dinner partying and bowling and March Madness watching during my visit. Though I typically don't care much for sports, college basketball is the one sport I actually find exciting and, as a Virginian, I must cheer on VCU for bringing it. Even if I wasn't a Virginian, I may have still cheered for them anyway solely based on the way they made the Kansas players cry on Sunday.

Side note: Has anyone ever seen The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia? I saw it at a friend's house this weekend and I OMG!-ed about 300 times in under two hours. It is a train wreck of epic proportions. You just can't turn away. Neither my words nor this trailer can do it justice, so just go stream it on Netflix. You know you want to.

I figured I wouldn't have much time for interneting this weekend, so I didn't bring my laptop with me. I returned home yesterday to find that the lovely Julie from When Your Feet Don't Touch the Ground has bestowed upon me my very first blog award, AND readership has EXPLODED (as in, it's in the double digits)! Awesome sauce.
Thanks, Julie!!!
So now I have to think of 7 random facts about myself.....
  • My hair has been just about every (naturally occurring) color there is, from bleached blonde to black. Red was my favorite, but I'm not sure if I can pull it off anymore. 
  • I am less than six degrees from Kevin Bacon. In high school, I dated Travis, whose dad was an extra in a movie with C. Thomas Howell, who was in The Outsiders with Matt Dillon, who was in Wild Things with Kevin Bacon. Bazinga!
  • After watching The Walking Dead, I'm fairly certain I wouldn't last long in the zombie apocalypse. 
  • I'm an only child, and thus solely responsible for satiating my mother's overwhelming and extremely vocal desire to have grandchildren. I tell her she should have thought of that before making me an only child.
  • I've worn glasses since 2nd grade. Technically, I should wear bifocals. Only in the last five years have they become attractive, sexy-librarian glasses.
  • Jon Hamm is at the top of my Freebie Five.
  • I am filled with random, and mostly uninteresting, historical facts.
The rules of the award are as follows...
  1. Thank and link to the person who gave you the award.
  2. Tell 7 random facts about yourself.
  3. Pass on the award
  4. Tell them the rules.
So, here are the people I am passing this on to....

Jessica @ I&J


      1. It sounds like you had a fun filled weekend! My husband's family are CRAZY KU fans. Like seriously, everytime I see them they are KUed out! Sweatshirts, hats, t-shirts...SOCKS! lol! I'm attending VCU, so I was rooting for them too. I hope they go all the way!

        PS. Thanks for the blog award! It's my first! I'm so excited!

      2. The Kevin Bacon thing is pretty awesome! Nothing I come up with will compare. Thanks a lot! ;)

        I'm marrying an only child in June. Lord help me. (Only kidding!)

        Thanks for the award! It's also my first. :)

      3. Oooh thanks so much for the award! Your awesome! Sorry Im just now writing you back its been a crazy week for me at work. lol I loooove the Keven Bacon connection! Annnnd the fact that you Bazinga'ed (Loooove BBT)and mentioned zombies in the same post! You ROCK!!!!