Monday, February 14, 2011


As in Valentines Day. Even though I am most happily married, being the cynical lady that I am, I'm just not a fan. Sure, I'll take a box of chocolate dipped strawberries if the husband feels the need to buy them. And that time five years ago when my teenaged bar regular (I promise, I only served him sweet tea) sent me a dozen roses at work was kind of adorable. But really guys, I hate that you're supposed to feel obligated to show love on one specific day of the year. Shouldn't that be happening all the time?

In a perfect world, I'd be able to just ignore all of this hullabaloo, but my current job situation makes it impossible. I think it must be the decade of working in the wonderful food service industry that has made me truly loathe the day. This VD, I will once again be trapped within the walls of America's favorite Australian themed restaurant, serving boatloads of people who go out once a year. I can only hope that someone decides the most romantic thing ever would be to propose over the restaurant-wide intercom (it has happened before). I'm honestly contemplating having a drink or two before I go in. 

I will admit that I am excited for "Chocolate Sale Tuesday" tomorrow. And I must thank NPR for this lovely article. Oh, to be an ancient Roman.

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