Saturday, May 14, 2011

Song Time

Hmmmm, well I originally posted this on Thursday, but Blogger got all weird on us and disappeared some posts...

It is Thursday, which means two things: one, we are leaving for Atlantic City this afternoon for a birthday extravaganza, and two, it is song link up time with Goodnight Moon.

Once upon a time, I was considering having a wedding. The husband and I had already gotten married, but we did it sneakily and didn't tell most people, as at the time we were still planning on getting wedding-ed (side note: while I have never actually frequented, from what I hear, ladies who are already married and then plan on having a wedding are majorly frowned upon in regular wedding planning circles). In the end, we decided not to get wedding-ed, as between me and the husband's shyness, my lack of caring to plan for such an event, and the redonkulous cost of the whole fiasco, getting wedding-ed just didn't seem important, since the legal part was already done. However, before that decision was made, I did plan for little bits of the ceremony that never happened.

This song was going to be the recessional, specifically the song starting at minute 1:21. And I really liked the idea of fake mustaches and fake elephant noses as favors during the reception (which I was thinking of having in a barn, while wearing a not-white dress). I'm sure my dear, sweet, traditional mother thanks Jesus every day that I did not have the wedding-ed event that I wanted in my head.

P.S..... the action post 3:45 looks like an excellent party to me...

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